Solidarity to the squats, the anarchist and social movement in Greece

Since August 2019 a new repression wave began against the squats in Exarchia in Athens and other cities in Greece. Several immigrant and anarchist squats and social centres have been evicted till now. This comes with the dogma of “law and order” from the recently elected new government of the right-wing party “New Democracy”. However, it is just continuing the repression of the previous government led by the leftist party of SYRIZA in another form.

The previous 4.5 years, SYRIZA succeeded to repress the social movements of Greece in a way that no previous government could do it. After “selling” hope to the society that a radical change will come, they applied the same neoliberal policies and austerity measures as the previous ones. This way people got disappointed and the majority stop being active in the radical movements. The same time eviction of squats and the war on those whose voices could not be heard, the immigrants, was happening all those years. So, the new government comes now ready to put an end to all the voices of resistance.

They initially passed a law which abolishes the university asylum, where the police could not enter a university without a permission by the Rector. This was achieved when the rebellion against the dictatorship in Greece began in 17 November 1973. All the next years, the spaces in the universities were a place in which the different movements came together and various parts of society could socialize and get organized there (students, workers, radical leftists, anarchists). In addition, a reform in the education system is coming up to discipline more the students and open a door for the profits of private companies.

Then, the state attacks the immigrants in plenty of ways. Lots of them are dying in the sea trying to pass from Turkey to Greece, those who survive are staying in camps in horrible conditions. Most of them are in the islands in the borders with Turkey, where the facilities are made to host far less people. Others are held in detention centres and police stations (such as in Petrou Ralli, Athens) without any specific accusations waiting for months if they can be transferred in camps or be legalized. Those who dare to rebel are tortured by the police and some are deported violently back to Turkey. The same time, the state evicts the immigrant squats and social centres because they are afraid of a connection of the immigrants with the social movements. All these, come in hand with the EU anti-immigration policies building a fortress Europe.

The squatting and anarchist movement in Greece is one of the few voices which are remaining to resist and rebel against the state repression and the further capitalistic exploitation of the society. The state wants to put an end to such voices. The mainstream media show that the “cleansing” of the radical district of Exarchia in Athens and squats in other cities will be beneficial for the citizens. The authorities turn the public opinion to believe that those who resist and deny the dominant norms of this society are against the society, when in fact they are against the authorities and the power. Thus, those who do not accept the policies of the state will be appeared to be the “garbage” of society that must be cleaned out. The police have also moved drug dealers to the square of Exarchia to show that their presence is required there against any “criminal” activities. The events of the past months showed that the only ones who are struggle against the mafias and drug dealing are the residents and anarchists of Exarchia and the police only attacks the squats.

Similar policies occur in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam. New laws against squatting, gentrification of neighbourhoods with increasing housing rates and a target to commercialise every aspect of our lives. There is also a vast exploitation of immigrant temp workers who come from poorer countries.

Enough is enough! We not only stand with our comrades in Greece, the squatting movement, those who resist, the immigrants, but we fight against all these policies which produce and reproduce the state repression, the capital and power relations, racism and manipulation of the immigrants.




DEMONSTRATION 17/11/2019, 14:00

Van Beuningenplein, Amsterdam

Anarchist Film Festival – program

The program for the film festival is here! Scroll down to find the full list of screening times and descriptions of the films. More detailed info will be published on our newsletter. See you at the festival!

Please join us for our three day Anarchist Film Festival, with a special 6 hour screening on Monday, featuring a broad spectrum of anarchist film, ranging from deceptively childlike animations to in-your-face soft porn, from candid documentaries to surrealist explorations of human nature. 

Alongside the movies on Fri/Sat/Sun we will have vegan food and baked goods and merch stands for groups like Abortion Network Amsterdam, the Spanish CNT and the Zapatistas National Liberation Army!

Don’t miss out!



FRIDAY / 15th November


A self-critical squatting memoire. + Crowbar – French squat documentary.


Documentary on the Kurdish liberation movement in Bakur. + Distant – The female Kurdish militia defending Kobane against the Isis terrorists


The story of a police investigation into consensual homosexual sadomasochism.


Raspberry Reich – Exploring the innate radical potential of homosexual expression.



A queer electronic musician and rapper based in Amsterdam, bringing sexy beats, hardcore bass, souly vocals and tight rhymes filled with hope, using music to share, to connect, to dance, to release and as a weapon against the structures of oppression, in particular those of gender and racism, this society is based on.

PARTY – until 1:00


SATURDAY  / 16th November


Brazilian documentary and fictional animation on globalization.


The Fig House – Documentary about a Greek squat for migrants and their cat.


Hamburger Gitter – G20 documentary.


A documentary on liberation from colonialism and neocolonialism.


Thriller: Surrealist existentialism in Franco’s Spain.


23:30 MUSIC – OUST

Generic pissed off raw punk destruction from Amsterdam and Nijmegen.  

PARTY – until 1:00


SUNDAY  / 17th November


Homotopia – A love story for radical queers fighting homonormativity + A queer punk SciFi inspiring a generation of feminists.


Earth liberation front documentary on radical environmentalism.


Animated comedy-action fantasy film on fighting urban development.


Lifeboat – A migrant sea rescue documentary.


An anti-misogynistic Iranian Vampire Western.


MONDAY  / 18th November


A historical re-enactment of the radical revolution and extreme heartbreak of the working class in 19th century Paris.


Tickets –

€3 – €5 suggested donation. First come, first serve. 

All proceeds are going to the Anarchist Defence Fund.

Sign up for a Volunteer shift!

We will be needing a few extra hands during the festival- we might need help with the bar, stands, or a quick trip to the supermarket. Each volunteer will get two free movie tickets!

Mental health struggles, addiction and trauma in DIY / punk scene

AGA is hosting a book presentation / infotalk by Craig Lewis, a peer counsellor, punk and an author of three books on mental health. Lewis is touring Europe with his latest book, Punx in Recovery, sharing his personal experiences with mental health struggles in the diy / punk scene in US. Based on his own experience, Lewis discusses ways to deal with these issues in our communities.

Other books written by him include You’re Crazy – a book on first-hand accounts of people from the punk scene who live with mental health struggle, addiction and trauma, and Better Days – a mental health recovery workbook.

Soup (vegan) – 18.00

Infotalk / book presentation – 18.30


Anarchist Library

Eerste Schinkelstraat 14, Amsterdam

AGA presents: Anarchist Film Festival

Exciting news – Anarchist Group Amsterdam, together with Filmhuis Cavia is organising an Anarchist Film Festival on the 15 – 18 of November!

What would be better on a gloomy autumn weekend than chilling with your friends/family/partners/workmates/comrades in filmhuis Cavia, watching good films, engaging in talks with the makers and your fellow moviegoers, filling your belly with vegan snacks and listening to groovy music.

We’ve chosen a pretty cool programme and can’t wait to share it with you. But to give you a preview, expect fresh DIY films, old gems, late night (riot) porn and more.

The event will be by donation. All proceeds will go to Anarchist Defence Fund.

The festival is a safe space. We will not tolerate any forms of sexism, homophobia, racism or other discrimination. Unfortunately, the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Stay tuned for updates and sneak peaks of the films!

Anarchist Defence Fund

Filmhuis Cavia

Benefit for Anarchist space in Prague, Czech Republic

Saturday the 7th of September at 19:00

at the Anarchist Library / Bollox
Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam

content of the evening: Short talk about contemporary anarchist movement in Czech republic, added with some short clips and films about different issues that the anarchist movement in Czech dealt with in the last 10 years, the topics gonna be anti fascism, squatting, autonomous workers initiatives, anti repression (antifenix) and anarchist infrastructure.

Live music from: Phoenix Godwin
An Anarcho Folk singer from Savannah, Georgia USA, who sings about everything from squatting and privilege, to reincarnation and literature!

During the event the bar is open en all profit is for the Anarchist space in Prague, Czech and donation box is on the bar.

This event is also organized for anarchist and non anarchist to meet and socialize and make links for future struggles and initiatives, the language used on this evening will be English

This event is organized by the Anarchist Group Amsterdam – Vrije Bond

Aankondiging Anarchistische boekenbeurs Amsterdam – Anouncement Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam

De anarchistische boekenbeurs Amsterdam zal in november 2019 plaatsvinden! Dit is de 3e keer dat wij deze jaarlijkse boekenbeurs organiseren. De eerste twee jaren waren zo’n succes dat ze naar meer smaakten. Dus ook dit jaar kun je in november naar het Dokhuis voor al je anarchistische boeken, zines, stickers, posters, buttons, kleding en veel meer!

De specifieke datum moet nog bekend worden, maar het is al zeker dat het in het Dokhuis in november zal zijn. Hou onze website en facebook in de gaten voor updates. Zodra de datum bekend is zullen we dat daar laten weten.

Wil je een stand doen, workshop geven of helpen bij de boekenbeurs? Laat het ons weten!

Plantage doklaan 8, Amsterdam



The Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam will be organized in November 2019. This is the 3rd year in a row that we have organized this anual book fair. The first two years were so succesful that we had a taste for more. So this year you can come to the Dokhuis again for all your anarchist books, zines, stickers, posters, buttons, clothing and much more!

The specific date still has to be confirmed, but we are going to organize it at the Dokhuis in November. Keep an eye on our website and facebook for updates. As soon as we have confirmed the date we will let you know there.

Do you want to run a stand, give a workshop or help out at the book fair? Let us know!

Plantage doklaan 8, Amsterdam


Benefit for Russian anarchists and anti fascists

more info

Sunday 7th of April EARLY START at 24:00 closed !

5 euro donation 17:00 door open

17:30 Info talk
from Russian comrades about the repression of anarchist and anti fascist movement in Russia today.

18:00 Docu “the Network” (2019/English subtitles)
about the Russian state frame up of anarchists and anti fascists.

19:00 Vegan Dinner (5 euro)

20:00 Start Bands

Violence Party – UK

Crust Punk -Amsterdam

International Crust/Violence – Amsterdam/Paris

Info table by the AGA with pamphlets, zines, Tshirts, writing letters to prisoners.

At the Vrankrijk – Spuistraat 216 – Amsterdam

This event is organized by:
Dirty Immigrant Collective Amsterdam
Anarchist Group Amsterdam

Action at Urban Lodge Hotel

English below the picture

Vandaag 24 maart, de tweede actie ivm uitbuiting van hotel werkster via het bedrijf IMS Groep. De lobby van het hotel werd korte tijd bezet door 15 mensen met pamfletten, spandoeken en megafoon. De klanten reageerden positief het management was minder positief en dat is nou net de bedoeling! Men moet gewoon betalen voor de gewerkte uren, dus hier met de poen !

Today, 24 of march, a second action against IMS Agency and Urban Lodge Hotel took place. Urban Lodge hotel charges more than 200 hundred euro per night but at the same time they are refusing to pay salary to the employers.

We went inside the hotel with a group of 15 people and spread flyers, stood in the hall with banners and talked to the guests about the situation. Manager and some staff at reception were defending their boss and the hotel. The manager said he was aware of workers not being paid and refused to take responsibility, blaming IMS Agency. After a while he decided to call the cops. Police didn’t show up and we could continue with picketing outside of the hotel for another 30 minutes.

Some guests were really supportive and said that they would not have stayed at this particular hotel if they had known that the workers have not been paid.

For everybody that is working or has been working for IMS group that want to share information with us or want to demand stolen wages from them, please contact us at:

This action was organized by the 
Anarchist Group Amsterdam – Vrije Bond.

Below the text of the pamflet that we distributed.


We want to inform you about the abusive praxis of URBAN LODGE HOTEL and IMS Group hotel agency in Amsterdam:

IMS Group is a company which provides employees for several big hotels (as URBAN LODGE HOTEL) in Amsterdam to work at kitchens, receptions and cleaning hotel rooms. The company has been active for several years in

Since a few months, IMS has not been paying some of their workers while
providing obviously made-up explanations to the affected workers about why they are not getting paid.

URBAN LODGE HOTEL is fully aware of the situation. In spite of knowing that their staff is not being paid, URBAN LODGE HOTEL continues to hire people via IMS Agency.

Our affected friend has worked for the last 5 months in URBAN LODGE HOTEL and hasn’t been paid for the last month of work. At this moment they owe her nearly 1.000 € since December 2018. After some attempts to get this situation resolved, they still haven’t paid her or made any progress over this situation. IMS Group thinks they can get away with this abusive behavior, but they won’t!

We are aware of the fact that this situation is not a single person problem. IMS and the hotels who cooperate with them undermine fundamental rights of employees in the Netherlands. We call on the employees to stand up and fight back together for their labor rights and their stolen wages.

The IMS group and the hotels it provides workers for are acting against the law while employing people in the low-wage labour market, counting on the exploitation of those who are unlikely to take legal measures against their employer.

This is our second action. As many actions as needed will follow until this struggle gets resolved, the hotels take responsibility in who they collaborate with and IMS Group pays every single penny they owe to their workers.

Anarchist Group Amsterdam – Vrije Bond

We did out first action o the 8th of March International Womens Day at the ofice of IMS group in Amsterdam, ar report you can find here:

The NETWORK | Documentary movie screening

In the run-up to presidential elections and the FIFA World Cup, repressions against antifascists and anarchists started in Russia. In Autumn 2017, 6 people were arrested in Penza; several of them had weapons and explosives planted on them. FSB officers then tortured the antifascists right in the detention facility: they applied naked wires to the activists’ various body parts and turned the electricity on, they beat them up, hanged them upside down. While torturing them, the agents made the activists learn by heart the story the FSB needed: they were supposed to confess of having founded and belonging to a terrorist organization called “The Network”. In late January 2018, three more antifascists were arrested in Saint-Petersburg. They, too, were beaten up, tortured with electric current, and forced to incriminate themselves by confirming they were members of the “Network”.

AGA continues it’s series of actions to support our comrades in problems.

Please come to the Anarchist Library (Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16) on Saturday March 30, 18:00 to learn about this case, get update from the last event and write your solidarity letters to the prisoners!

IMS Groep buit personeel uit!

English below

Vandaag, 8 Maart, internationaale vrouwendag hebben we met 12 mensen actie gevoerd voor de deur van het kantoor van IMS Groep. We hadden spandoeken, megafoon en zwart/rode/paarse vlaggen bij ons. We hebben honderden pamfletten uitgedeeld aan buurtbewoners en huis aan huis de pamfleten in de bus gedaan. Helaas was er niemand aanwezig in het kantoor, dit heeft waarschijnlijk te maken dat er vaker boze werkers aan de deur komen om hun gestolen loon op te eisen.

De gevel werd ook wat opgesierd met behangplaksel, pamfletten en her en der een sticker. Na ongeveer 30 minuten leuzen roepen zijn we vertrokken. Buurt bewoners waren geintereseerd in het verhaal en spraken hun verontwaardiging uit over de praktijken van IMS Groep.

Voor iedereen die werkt of gewerkt heeft voor IMS Groep en informatie met ons wilt delen of nog geld van hun moet krijgen neem vooral contact met ons op:

Deze actie is georganiseerd door de Anarchsitische Groep Amsterdam / Vrije Bond

Hieronder de tekst van het pamflet dat vandaag is verspreid.


IMS Groep is uitbuiting !

Vandaag op internationale vrouwendag doen wij onze eerste actie tegen
het misbruik van de IMS Groep in Amsterdam.

IMS Groep levert arbeiders aan verschillende grote hotels in Amsterdam
voor werk in keukens, achter recepties en voor de schoonmaak van
hotelkamers. Het bedrijf is al enkele jaren actief in Amsterdam en heeft
zijn hoofdkantoor in de Agatha Dekenstraat 26 in Amsterdam Oud-West.

Sinds enkele maanden betaalt IMS Groep haar werknemers niet meer en komt het met onzinnige verklaringen tegen de getroffen werknemers over waaromze niet worden betaald.

Onze getroffen vriend heeft de afgelopen 5 maanden gewerkt voor IMS
Groep en de laatste maand van haar salaris is niet betaald. Op dit
moment is IMS haar al enkele maanden 1.000€ schuldig. Na diverse
pogingen de situatie op te lossen, hebben ze nog steeds niet betaald en
is er geen enkele vordering in deze situatie. IMS Groep denkt dat ze kan
wegkomen met dit misbruik, maar dat kan ze niet! We zijn ons ervan
bewust dat dit niet de situatie van een enkeling is. IMS treft met zijn
misbruik ook andere werknemers en hun rechten. Wij roepen ze op om op te staan en gezamenlijk te vechten voor hun aribedsrechten en hun gestolen loon.

IMS Groep en de hotels waar het werknemers voor levert, gedragen zich
respectloos. Ze zien de werkers als anonieme nummers en als gebruiksgoed waar ze zo van af kunnen, die ze kunnen uitbuiten, besodemieteren, eruit kunnen schoppen. Maar niet deze keer! Nu niet meer!

Voor de duidelijkheid, dit is onze eerste actie. Wij zullen niet rusten,
er zullen acties volgen zoveel als nodig zijn om deze kwestie op te
lossen en IMS Groep elke cent heeft betaald aan haar werknemers. 

Betaal de werkers !
Maak IMS Groep kapot !
Stop het Amsterdamse Hotel Monster !

Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam
Today, 8th of March, Inernational womans day we organized an action.
With 12 persons we picketed infront of the door of the office of IMS Group. We had banners, megaphone, black/red/purple flags with us. We distributed hundreds of flyers to the neighbours that were passing by. Also delivered the pamflets from door to door in every house on the street. Unfortunatly, there was no one in the office. The reason is there are probably more angry workers visiting the office to demand their pay.

The facade of the office was decorated with glue, pamfelts and some stickers. After 30 minutes of shouting slogans we stopped the picket and left. The neighbours where very interested in the matter and expressed their disgust of the praxis of the IMS Group.
For evrybody that is working or was working for IMS group that want to share information with us or want to demand stolen wages from them, please contact us at:
This action whas organized by the
Anarchist Group Amsterdam – Vrije Bond.

Below the text of the pamflet that we distributed.
IMS Group is exploitation !
Today on International Women’s day we are doing our first action against
the abusive praxis of the company IMS Group in Amsterdam.

IMS group provides workers for several big hotels in Amsterdam to work
at kitchens, receptions and cleaning hotel rooms. They’ve been active
for several years in Amsterdam and they have their headquarters at
Agatha Dekenstraat 26 in Amsterdam Oud-West.

Since a few months ago, IMS group is not paying their workers and it’s
providing bullshit explanations to the affected workers about why they
are not getting paid.

Our affected friend has worked for IMS for the last 5 months and in the
last month they didn’t pay her salary. At this moment they owe her
1.000€ for several months already. After some attempts to get this
situation resolved, they still haven’t paid her or made any progress
over this situation. IMS Group thinks they can get away with this
abusive behavior, but they won’t!
We are aware of the fact that this situation is not a single person
problem. IMS attacks many of their other employees and their rights. We
call on them to stand up and fight back together for their labor rights
and their stolen wages.

The IMS group and the hotels it provides workers for, are disrespectful
and they just see them as anonymous numbers or as commodities that they
can just get rid of, exploit them, screm them over and kick them out.
Not this time! Not anymore!

For the record, this is just the very first action. We won’t rest, as
many actions as needed will follow until this struggle gets resolved and
IMS Group pays every single penny they owe to their workers.

Pay the Workers !
Smash IMS group !
Stop the Amsterdam Hotel Monster !

Anarchist Group Amsterdam

Boek pesentatie: Wenüy, herinnering aan Santiago Maldonado

Voor de rebellerende herinnering aan Santiago Maldonado
Door kameraden uit Argentinië.
De presentatie is in het Engels, het boek is in het Spaans.
(English below)

Maandag 28 januari 2019
Aanvang 19:30 presentatie 20:00
In de Anarchisitische Bilootheek – Bollox
Adres: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam

Twee wegen van strijd die elkaar kruisten, de eerste van Santiago Maldona, gekidnapt en vermoord door de Argentijnse staat, en de tweede strijd, van de Mapuche bevolking. De strijd van de Mapuche tegen de vernietiging van hun leefgebied en identiteit.

We proberen een overzicht te geven van de intense sociale strijd die plaatsvind in de regio’s van Argentijnse en Chileense staat.

Terwijl kapitaal en de staat probeert iedereen te verarmen en de positie van het proletariaat nog slechter te maken, waar geen verschil word gemaakt tussen Argentijnen, Chilenen, Mapuche, Qum, Wichi of migranten, is het verzet daartegen aan het groeien in verschillende sociale bewegingen die elkaar vinden en banden sterk worden aangehaald.

Inheemse bewegingen, strijden tegen mijnbouw, ontbossing, fracking en Agro-industrie, gevangenen-stakingen, de vrouwen beweging, gigantische stedelijke manifestaties tegen pension hervorming en afbraak van rechten van werkers, en de lijst gaat door en door.
Echo’s uit 2001 trillen door naar nu.

Deze avond is georganiseerd door de:
Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam – Vrije Bond
Monday 28 januari 2019
Book presentation:

“for the rebel memory of Santiago Maldonado”
By comrades from Argentinia.

Doors open 19:30 start 20:00
At the Anarchist library – Bollox
Adres: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam

The presentation wil be in Inglish, the book is publsihed in Spanish

Content of the book en the presentation:

“for the rebel memory of Santiago Maldonado”

Starting with two paths of struggle that crossed, one by Santiago Maldonado, dissapeared and killed by the Argentinean State, and another by the Mapuche people, that constantly tries to recover their territory and collective identity, we intend to give an overview of the social conflicts that are deepening in the region dominated by the Argentinian and Chilean nations.

While Capital and the States are trying to pauperize and worsen the condition of the proletarians, whereby they be argentinians, chileans, mapuche, qom, wichi or inmigrants, there is a growing number of social movements that are finding each other and deepening their links.

Aboriginal movements, struggles against mining, foresting, fracking and agrobusiness, prisoner strikes, the women’s movement, massive urban manifestations against the change in retirement funds and labor laws, and the list goes on and on.

Echos of 2001 are resonating once again.

This event is organized by the:
Anarchist Group Amsterdam – Vrije Bond

In memory of anti-fascists Anastasia & Stanislav, Movie and Talk

Ten years ago, two Russian anti-fascists, journalist Anastasia Baburova and lawyer Stanislav Markelov, were murdered by neo-nazi group conducted by the government in broad daylight on 19th of January. Stanislav was not just a lawyer, who took political left-sided anti-fascist cases, he was also a public anti-fascism and human rights spokesperson well known to the whole country.

His voice and his actions against fascism were so powerful that the government found the only way to stop him – kill him. Anastasia was extremely brave journalist writing governmental exposures for an independent paper. Several journalists of this paper were already killed by governmental servants before her. She was a collateral damage of  Stanislav’s assassination, she chased the killer until he turned around and killed Anastasia.

Every year, Russian anarchists and anti-fascists gather to remember them. So we decided to honor the date by making a movie screening of a DIY picture about a wonderful anti-fascist person Ivan Khutorskoy who was killed the same year by the very same neo-nazi group that killed Stanislav and Anastasia. Ivan was core member of hardcore/punk anti-fascist scene in  Russia, he protected a lot of concerts from bonehead gangs, he was one of the first people who started to answer to nazi’s street violence. In addition to Ivan’s story, the film also provides a rare look into Moscow’s underground punk scene in the 2000’s and the conditions within which the Russian anti-fascist movement has been developing.

This film was shot as a part of a charitable solidarity campaign to support Ivan’s family with donations.

Please come on Saturday 19th January at 18:00 at Anarchist Library (Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14, Amsterdam) to celebrate the memory of those brave humans, who gave their lives for the anti-fascist struggle.
The picture is with English subtitles.

Nieuwe boeken in de Anarchistische bibliotheek

We voegen regelmatig nieuwe boeken toe aan de Anarchistische bibliotheek. Je kunt zien welke boeken we hebben in onze catalogus. We hebben de afelopen maanden weer een flink aantal boeken toegevoegd waaronder ook een aantal in de categorieen [AFEM]Anarchafeminisme, gender en seksualiteit en de nieuwe categorie [ARAD] Anti-racisme en dekoloniale strijd. Kom vooral een keer langs op zaterdagmiddag!

Boekpresentatie 14-12: Volken zonder Staat

Boekhandel Het Fort van Sjakoo & Kelder Uitgeverij presenteren vrijdag 14 december 2018, 17.00 uur
Thom Holterman’s boek
Volken zonder staat’

Er zijn vandaag de dag nog volken zonder staat, dat wil zeggen heerschappijvrije samenlevingen. De mensen in deze samenlevingen maken bewust de keuze machtsvorming en gezag af te wijzen. Antropologische studies laten zien dat zij wel degelijk regels ingesteld hebben en ook een vorm van rechtspraak kennen. Een rechtspraak die gericht is op verzoening in plaats van op vergelding. Zulke samenlevingen kennen geen instantie met een geweldsmonopolie om die regels en rechtsuitspraken dwingend op te leggen zoals dat in westerse samenlevingen gebeurt. Thom Holterman analyseert hoe mensen in niet hiërarchische samenlevingen leven en die in stand houden. Dat hangt samen met elementen als: heerschappijvrije gezindheid, het streven naar autonome vormen van associatie en het afwijzen van centraal gezag. Door het kapitalisme werd de arbeid gescheiden van andere activiteiten van het leven, om die arbeid te onderwerpen aan de wetten van de markt. Hierdoor verdwenen alle organische vormen van het bestaan en daarvoor kwam in de plaats een verschillend, geatomiseerd en individualistisch type organisatie.

Adres: Jodenbreestraat 24, Amsterdam

Publicatie: Sloop de restaurants

Een werkerskritiek op de cateringindustrie

Tijdens de anarchistische boekenbeurs in Amsterdam afgelopen 10 november hadden we de vertaling van Abolish Restaurants van voor het eerst op onze stand. Langzaam maar zeker is deze brochure op meerdere plekken in het land te verkrijgen. Vind je het niet in jouw buurt, mail ons dan naar onderstaand adres om een te bestellen.

Abolish Restaurants is een 60-pagina tellende geïllustreerde gids bij de dagelijkse ellende, stress, verveling en vervreemding van restaurantwerk, evenals manieren waarop restaurantwerkers ertegen strijden. Aan de hand van een reeks antikapitalistische ideeën en een schat aan persoonlijke ervaring is het deels een analyse, deels een strijdoproep. De eerste, oorspronkelijke druk in het Engels dateert van 2006. Nu voor het eerst in het Nederlands beschikbaar.

Bestellen kan via: