Benefit and Info-Talk with a person from Anarchist Black Cross Kyiv

Tuesday 30 may 2023 at the MKZ Eerste Schinkelstraat 16 Amsterdam A full-scale war broke out in Ukraine, caused by imperialist ambitions of Russia. In the situation when two mechanized armies fight each other on the scale rarely seen for decades, there is no easy solutions for anarchist, left and antifascist activists. Considering all of the suffering which Russian imperialist aggression brought to Ukraine, antiauthoritarian activist decided to join the military struggle.   We would like to tell you about this struggle and the situation in Ukraine in general. There is vegan food from 19;00 till 20:00 and afther there will be the presentation. This event is a fundraiser for Solidarity Colectives this event is organized by the: Anarchist Group … Lees verder/Read more