Herstory of anarcha feminism & queer anarchism

Thursday 20 april 2023 at 20:00 at the Anarchist library / Bollox
Adres: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam

This talk looks at the histories of anarcha-feminism & queer anarchism
and hopes to instigate a discussion about their significance in the
contemporary landscape of both queer/feminisms and anarchist struggles.
This session will not only shed light on the origins and development of
these radical ideologies, but also examine its continued relevance in
present-day struggles and radical organization through specific examples
& firsthand accounts. By highlighting the connections between past and
present, it hopes to generate both critical assessment & discussion, as
well as to spark a renewed appreciation for the potential of
insurrectionary queer & anarcha-feminist thought and action.

The first part of the talk will overview the radical principles and
ideas that underlie anarcha-feminism and queer anarchism & then look
more closely at their emergence as distinct ideologies in the 20th
century. It will then explore some of the diverse methods and approaches
adopted by anarcha-feminists & queer anarchists over the past century,
and consider how these strategies have been adapted and evolved over
time to remain potent in the face of shifting political landscapes. It
concludes by looking to recent developments and current examples of
anarcha-feminist tactics, strategies, organizing and resistance.  

This event is a benefit ! bring cash for the donation jar ! small and
big all is welcome !!!

For fundraising, the newly formed South Florida Anti-Repression
Committee just launched a solidarity campaign to support four comrades
facing repression for pro-choice organizing/activity. 

More info on the case: https://linktr.ee/sfl_arc
Press release/website: https://sflarc.blogspot.com/
Legal Defense Fund link:

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