Benefit move night for Anarchist prisoner Gabriel Pomba da Silva

Saturday 11 juli 2020 Door open at 19:00 talk 19:30 start Short talk about Gabriel and the decades long anti prison struggles in Spain of him and others against the FIES system and the prison state in general. DOCU: COPEL ( Coordinadora de Presos En Lucha ) A tale of … Lees verder/Read more

¡Nunca más! Info night about Uruguay’s 1973 coup

English On the 27th of June it’s the 47th anniversary from the military coup that took place in Uruguay in 1973. Therefore, this Saturday 27th at 17:00 we are gathering in order to shout out load: Never again! Program: Debate with P. Chargoña, lawyer from Observatorio Luz Ibarburu (Human rights … Lees verder/Read more

What’s going on in Chile ? – opname/recording

Het recente infopraatje over wat er momenteel gebeurt in Chile is opgenomen en nu te beluisteren. Het praatje was in het spaans en is live vertaald naar het engels. Tijdens het praatje zijn een aantal video’s vertoond, die de sprekers becommentarieren, ze staan hieronder. Wil je een donatie doen? Het … Lees verder/Read more

cancelled demo “stop the war against imigrants” 14th of march

Hereby, we inform you that this demonstration is cancelled in its’ original form. As a collective, we don’t know what the risk will be for the people that wil attend the demo. This is why we have decided to not let it go through. We do understand the concerns people … Lees verder/Read more

Cancelled! – Info-talk about #shutDownCanada

THE EVENT IS CANCELLED Due to the corona situation, we’ve decided to cancel this event.Sorry for the inconvenience. Since  beginning of early February a political movement has flourished in Canada known as #shutDownCanada.A different set of large demonstrations and massive blockades have taken place all across Canada, creating huge disturbance … Lees verder/Read more

Stop the war on migrants

[English below] STOP DE OORLOG TEGEN MIGRANTEN De EU, de Turkse, en de Griekse staat hebben besloten om met mensenlevens te spelen. In de afgelopen dagen hebben vele immigranten geprobeerd via de grens van Turkije naar Griekenland over te steken, maar ze worden door Griekse troepen gewelddadig geblokkeerd. De Griekse … Lees verder/Read more

DEMO in Amsterdam tegen de oorlog tegen migranten in het Griekse grensgebied

Zaterdag 14 maart 14.00 uur Dam, Amsterdam [English below] De EU, de Turkse en de Griekse staat hebben besloten om met mensenlevens te spelen. Vele immigranten proberen via de grenzen van Turkije naar Griekenland en Europa over te steken, maar worden door Griekse troepen gewelddadig geblokkeerd. De Griekse regering heeft … Lees verder/Read more

New event: Info night in solidarity with protests in Chile.

Anarchist Group Amsterdam and Joe’s Garage collective are organizing two events in Amsterdam in solidarity with protests in Chile. Chile is one of the wealthiest and unequal countries in Latin America at the same time. 1% of the population in Chile controls 26.5% of the country’s wealth, while 50% of … Lees verder/Read more

Anarchisme in Indonesië infobijeenkomst

-English below- Zaterdag 15 februari 2020 In de Anarchistische bibliotheek / Bollox Adres: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam Een anarchistische kameraad uit Indonesië zal de presentatie houden in het Indonesisch en zal vertaald worden naar het Engels. Een korte Geschiedenis van de opkomt van de anarchistische beweging in Indonesië. Sinds de … Lees verder/Read more

Info talk: Solidarity Fund for Prisoners and Persecuted Militants

During the anarchist library on Monday we will have food and we will host ‘tamio’, a self-organised solidarity fund from Greece. The solidarity fund was established in 2010 and to this day they actively organize the ethical, political and material support of prisoners and persecuted militants. They will talk about … Lees verder/Read more

Solidarity to the squats, the anarchist and social movement in Greece

Since August 2019 a new repression wave began against the squats in Exarchia in Athens and other cities in Greece. Several immigrant and anarchist squats and social centres have been evicted till now. This comes with the dogma of “law and order” from the recently elected new government of the … Lees verder/Read more

Mental health struggles, addiction and trauma in DIY / punk scene

AGA is hosting a book presentation / infotalk by Craig Lewis, a peer counsellor, punk and an author of three books on mental health. Lewis is touring Europe with his latest book, Punx in Recovery, sharing his personal experiences with mental health struggles in the diy / punk scene in … Lees verder/Read more

AGA presents: Anarchist Film Festival

Exciting news – Anarchist Group Amsterdam, together with Filmhuis Cavia is organising an Anarchist Film Festival on the 15 – 18 of November! What would be better on a gloomy autumn weekend than chilling with your friends/family/partners/workmates/comrades in filmhuis Cavia, watching good films, engaging in talks with the makers and … Lees verder/Read more