Book presentation // Commemoration meeting

Dmitry Petrov, also known as Ilya Leshy, was an anarchist, environmentalist, author of books and articles, and a researcher of Kurdistan. He visited the region twice as a researcher and member of Kurdish self-defense units. In February 2022, with the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, he joined … Lees verder/Read more

Docu Izkor: Slaves of Memory

“Izkor” means “remember” in Hebrew. This film looks in depth at this imperative that is imposed on the children of Israel, and how it is a powerful tool for propaganda. For instance, during the month of April, feast days and celebrations take place one after another. School children of all … Lees verder/Read more

Day of commemoration of the anarchist fighters who died in Russo-Ukrainian War

On Friday the 19th we will join the call out for a international Day of commemoration of the anarchist fighters who died in Russo-Ukrainian War. We will do this by screening a documentary and stand still for a moment to remember the people who lost their lives to protect their … Lees verder/Read more

[Lezing/Discussie] De Evolutie van Liefde door Rob de Jong

poster, de evolutie van liefde

Donderdag, 7 maart | begint om 20:00 | Voertaal NederlandsLocatie: Bollox Eerste Schinkelstraat 16 Amsterdam Je hoort het vaak tegenwoordig: we zijn dieren en zullen onze plek in de natuur recht moeten doen. Maar wat daar de consequenties van zijn, is vaag. En dat is logisch, want wie wil er … Lees verder/Read more

Documentary screening // Benefit for Solidarity Collectives

This thursday 1 february 2024at 20:00 at the Anarchist Library / Bolloxadres: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam On the 24th of February it will be two years of full scale war in Ukraine. Every day from the 1st to the 24th of February content from different anti-autoritarian perspectives is shared to … Lees verder/Read more

Jan 25 | Documentary screening // Zine release // Benefit for imprisoned Indonesian anarchist Bima Satria Putra

Docu starts at 20:30, the door will be open from 19:00 like every other library night on Thursday. People are free to stay till late to discuss or just hang out. Help imprisoned anarchist writer Bima continue his research. Bima is an activist who served time for possession of marijuana … Lees verder/Read more

Revolutionair organiseren van onderop! Amsterdam 19-1-24

Revolutionair organiseren van onderop, wat kan dat zijn? Hoe kunnen we vanuit de realiteit van vandaag een alternatief bouwen voor een nieuwe samenleving? Individualisme en uitbuiting tegengaan en solidariteit kweken, hoe kunnen we dat aanpakken terwijl veel mensen in onze buurten bezig zijn met overleven? Verzet tegen kapitalisme, de staat, … Lees verder/Read more

“Moscow Mutiny” documentary screening Thursday 23 Nov

Moscow mutany

— English below — Donderdag 23 november 19:30 in the Anarchistische Bibliotheek, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam. “Moscow Mutiny” vertelt het verhaal van Russische antifascisten en anarchisten tijdens de anti-Poetin protesten van 2011-2012. Een van de hoofdpersonen van de film is Dmitry Petrov, ook bekend als Ilya Leshy, een anarchist, milieuactivist, … Lees verder/Read more

21st Anniversary of Anarchist Library Amsterdam

Flyer of Anarchist library amsterdam 21st anniversary

21 Years of spreading anarchy, literarily! Come join us on a day full of workshops, books, zines, cocktails, bands and more! Program 14:00 | Doors open General From 14:00 till around 20:00 there will be all kinda of anarchist related stands, books, zines, food, cocktails and drinks in the yard. … Lees verder/Read more

[Bookpresentation/Discussion] Design and capitalism, CAPS LOCK by Ruben Pater

Design and capitalism, book presentation CAPS LOCK by Ruben Pater Thursday 22 June 20:00At the Bollox Eerste Schinkelstraat 16 Amsterdam Activist movements are bursting with creativity. Making posters, stickers, magazines and other forms of communication are useful means of achieving political goals. Designers and printers were not only essential in … Lees verder/Read more

Talk: The history of Dutch Anarchism 1870-1940

We invite you for a talk and conversation about the history of Dutch anarchism 1870-1940 Thursday June 8th, from 19:15 – 21:45 in the Anarchist Library, Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14 Amsterdam. The Netherlands has an amazing yet largely obscured history of struggles for a better world. In the last part … Lees verder/Read more