Report back from the Solidarity with Belarusian protests demonstration

Original call and more background here.

Last Sunday on Nov 29 we took initiative and organized the protest to show our solidarity with anarchist, anti-fascists and other people of Belarus who are fighting against dictatorship regime of Lukashenko.

At 2 pm on the Beursplein in Amsterdam people started to gather. Soon we were almost 35 people, of different ages and backgrounds, including people from outside Amsterdam. There were banners and black/red flags, hundreds of flyers were distributed to the passing public. There was a small sound system and various speeches were given.

Even though such actions are very unlikely to influence situation in Belarus, we still find it important to show our solidarity and spread the message. Not a lot of things can be better for a prisoner than reports of solidarity actions with him from all over the world.

Strength and determination to the freedom fighters from Belarus! Always in solidarity with all oppressed against all oppressors!

P.S. We already posted our thoughts about organizing street actions during corona time here and the most of it is still valid.

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