Justice for Sammy demonstration- Murdered by the Amsterdam Police

(Nederlands volgt Engels) Justice for Sammy – Murdered by the Amsterdam Police    On the 13th of August 2020 the 23 year old German tourist Sammy Baker was murdered by the Amsterdam police. Sammy was in Amsterdam to celebrate his birthday with friends but disappeared. His mother reported him missing … Lees verder/Read more

Nieuwe boeken in de bibliotheek – New books in the library

Beste kameraden,We hebben onze bibliotheek uitgebreid met een aantal mooie nieuwe boeken. We zijn gewoon open dus kom vooral langs op een zaterdag tussen 14:00 en 18:00. Restaurant MKZ is ook open voor afhaal eten voor €5 per maaltijd. Normaal steunt de MKZ anderen maar nu kunnen ze jullie steun … Lees verder/Read more

Demonstratie: Corona is het virus, kapitalisme de crisis, solidariteit de oplossing

The virus has been going around the world now for more than a year. Entire sectors of public life have been put to a standstill. The capacity of the Dutch healthcare system is pushed to its limits. While public money is being used to bailout big corporations, the health care … Lees verder/Read more

In the memory of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova

Twelve years ago, Russian human rights advocate and journalist Stanislav Markelov, and journalist Anastasia Baburova, were shot and killed by a Russian ultra-nationalists. On 30th November 2008 Stas made a speech at the meeting against political terror in Moscow. It describes perfectly Stas himself and the overall situation in Russia … Lees verder/Read more

Interview with the team behind antijob.net

We have to work most of our lives. Our efforts, time, ideas, successes and failures are compressed into rubles, dollars and euros – impersonal banknotes, which are constantly lacking to fulfill our desires and needs. Typically, work is fraught with wage delays, employers’ machinations, nervousness and humiliation from idiotic rules … Lees verder/Read more

Pre-presentation for Precaristas documentary

(English below) Na enkele weken werken zijn we verheugd de beschikbaarheid van de documentaire “Precaristas” met (Engelse ondertiteling) aan te kondigen. Deze documentaire uit 2018 en opgenomen door “Inercia Docs” verkent de huisvestingsstrijd op de Canarische Eilanden. Onze verwachting is om op dit moment weer een info-avond voor deze documentaire … Lees verder/Read more

Arrests and police repression on the picket in solidarity with Abtin Parsa at the IND Amsterdam

This protest was organized in solidarity with Abtin Pasra, an anarchist from Iran who is persecuted by the Greek and Iranian state, see the appeal here:https://www.agamsterdam.org/open-call-for-the-protest-gathering-in-solidarity-with-the-persecuted-anarchist-abtin-parsa-in-front-of-ind-office/ On Tuesday the 8th of September at 14:00 we gathered outside the IND office on the Pieter Callandlaan 1 in Amsterdam. We were there … Lees verder/Read more

Arrestaties en politie repressie op picket bij de IND Amsterdam in solidariteit met Abtin.

Dit protest was georganiseerd in solidariteit met Abtin Pasra, een anarchist uit Iran die vervolgd word door de Griekse en Iraanse staat , zie hier de oproep:https://www.agamsterdam.org/open-call-for-the-protest-gathering-in-solidarity-with-the-persecuted-anarchist-abtin-parsa-in-front-of-ind-office/ Op dinsdag 8 december werd er om 14 uur verzameld bij het IND kantoor op de Pieter Callandlaan 1 te Amsterdam. We stonden … Lees verder/Read more

Open call for the protest gathering in solidarity with the persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa in front of IND office

Tuesday 8 December, at 14:00 in front of the IND office in Amsterdam (Pieter Calandlaan 1, Amsterdam). Tuesday 8 of December is the deadline that IND gave to the persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa to make an appeal on the case of his extradition to greece.We call for the protest gathering … Lees verder/Read more

communicatie blokkade! vrijdag 4 december * solidariteit met mishandelde uitzendkracht

Morgen, Vrijdag 4 december 2020 communicatie blokkade bij van Rooi Meat B.V. in solidariteit met zwaar mishandelde Roemeense uitzendkracht. Tussen 8:00 en 17:30 Beste sympathisanten, anarchisten, Vrije Bond leden en anderen die strijden tegen onderdrukking en uitbuiting. Met de Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam hebben we contact met delen van de Roemeense … Lees verder/Read more

Report back from the Solidarity with Belarusian protests demonstration

Original call and more background here. Last Sunday on Nov 29 we took initiative and organized the protest to show our solidarity with anarchist, anti-fascists and other people of Belarus who are fighting against dictatorship regime of Lukashenko. At 2 pm on the Beursplein in Amsterdam people started to gather. … Lees verder/Read more

Call for solidarity with Belarus demo

Beursplein, Amsterdam. Sunday, 29 Nov, 14:00 AGA joins the week of solidarity with anarchists and antifascists of Belarus. Come with us to the center of Amsterdam this Sunday to show your support for fighters against Lukashenko dictatorship! In 26 years, dictator Lukashenko has built a system aimed at suppressing any … Lees verder/Read more

Report back of protest in solidarity with anarchist Abtin Parsa

Last Saturday, 7-11-2020, the Anarchist Group Amsterdam organized a protest regarding the extremely dangerous situation in which the anarchist Abtin Parsa from Iran is currently in. Below is the call for the protest and the background is also explained a bit there.https://www.agamsterdam.org/niet-iran-noch-griekenland-de-vervolgde-anar… At 2 pm on the Beursplein in Amsterdam … Lees verder/Read more