Punk night / Benefit fundraiser for Ukraine, Operation Solidarity

Waar: Garage Noord, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 40, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wanneer: 21/04/2022 – 20:00

We have a nice mixture of punk for ya all this night. From riot-grrrl punk too hardcore punk and crust.
– Crustenunie | Crust
– The Earwurms | punk/riot-grrrl
– Tense reaction | Hardcore punk

First band will start around 21:00 and the DJ from WE HATE RADIO will provide some nice tunes to bounce on till late and in between.

The fundraiser

The war of aggression unleashed by the Russian government against Ukraine has been raging for over a month now. Livelihoods are being destroyed, civilians are being killed, injured or forced to flee. More and more people are facing difficult conditions, either on the move or staying amid the war. With each new day of attacks, the need for support is increasing. With this benefit, we hope to raise some money for mutual-aid groups helping out refugees and citizens or supplying aid to those left fighting for their communities.
One half of the donations will go to Operation Solidarity and the other half to organizations helping out POC & LGBTQ+ who are stumbling on harsh racism and discrimination making it hard for them to flee the country.

Operation Solidarity is an anti-authoritarian volunteer network organized during the war to jointly help all progressive forces in society to counter imperialist aggression against Ukraine. Who are raising funds for Territorial Defense fighters and their families, help refugees, and support progressive grassroots initiatives that unite people in the face of a common threat. With the funds raised, we purchase and deliver the most necessary humanitarian items, military equipment, and medical supplies to Ukraine.

War always affects minority communities disproportionately. POC & LGBTQ+ people are stumbling on harsh racism and discrimination while trying to flee the country. Not only that, but this war made it damn clear how fucking racist Europe actually is. Ukrainians are being welcomed with open arms (which of course is a good thing) in other parts from Europe and are given the right to work straightaway, while non-Europeans and non-white refugees are being pushed in camps with high amounts of uncertainty for many months till years on end. In some cases, just to get send back to the hell they were trying to escape.

There will be a stand of Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam for anarchist reading material and sticker.

We are really sorry, but the location is not wheelchair friendly. If you're in a wheelchair and want to come, please email us (fva[at]riseup.net) and we will help you to navigate.

Organized by:
- Darcy Trash Records

Suggested donation 7,5
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