Subtitling “In een tank kun jij niet wonen”

Poster: In Een Tank Kun Je Niet Wonen You Can't Live in a Tank | DWARSFILM

As some of the people attending the benefit we held back on the 12th of November in Vondelbunker will remember, the quality of the English subtitles of this documentary were really far from acceptable and it was extremely hard for non dutch speakers to follow most parts of the dialogs and voice over speeches.

After some research, visit to deposits and placing many drawers upside-down, we finally found a copy of the documentary that had some English subtitles. This finding made it possible to speed up the process of improving the subtitles, enabling a broader access to anyone interested in this historic documentary about the squatting movement in Amsterdam during the late 70s and early 80s.

The documentary with the new version can be found as well at Kolektiva

This subtitles are far from perfect nor professional. They are for certain a great leap from the automatic ones given by, but still, there’s always room for improving.
So, in case you can to help out, check out the repository where we have enabled a collaborative space for anyone interested in this gig.

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