CANCELLED!! 18th of March | “The volunteers” screening at Vondelbunker for the arrested people at the Woonprotest in Amsterdam!

The event has been cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

AGA is organizing a round of movies and documentaries screening during autumn in order to fund raise money for those repressed by the police during the Woonprotest demo on the 12th of September. 
On the 18th of March at 20:00, “The volunteers” documentary will be screened at Vondelbunker (Vondelpark 8A, Amsterdam). The documentary is in Kurdish/English with English subtitles. Our time slot is limited so please be on time. Doors open at 20.00, screening begins at 20.15.Suggested donation is 3€, after the screening the soli bar will be open.

During the screening we will also transmit some words from the director of the documentary.

TRIGGER WARNING, this film contains extremely graphic images of violence and death!
This documentary is a 2 parts series, where it follows River Hagg as he travels to war-torn Syria, in hopes of documenting stories of the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. He finds a medical unit of foreign volunteers as they provide aid to civilians, YPG fighters and ISIS. Part two: The volunteers continue to push with the YPG to the ISIS defended city of Manbij, Syria. River hears news from home and plans his exit. The team is granted access to the front lines and they find themselves on dangerous ground, surrounded by ISIS.


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