Solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons – Info night

Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sunday 5th of April 19:00

Since the 2nd of March there is a hunger strike going on in the prisons of the Greek state.

Everywhere around us we see the attacks of authority on anarchists and subversives taking place, whether it’s another wave of house raids against anarchists in Spain earlier this week or the construction of a highly efficient modern mega-prison right here beside us in Zaanstad. In these and other reppressive measures and structures we recognize the ugly face of authority trying to bury us alive in their dungeons.

For over a month now numerous comrades have been on hunger strike (some will continue until death) against some reppressive measures and without losing the perspective that what we fight for is the destruction of all prisons in all their possible forms.

We feel a strong urge to do the minimal effort we can to support them and to bring up the topic of struggle once again.

Comrades that are familiar with the Greek anarchist context will speak about the hunger strike, the demands and the context in which it is taking place.

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