Open The Border!

Short video we made 4 days ago in Idomeni at the Greek Macedonian border. In this camp is are almost no official organizations anymore on site, they left after riots broke out. That means no food, tents or sleeping bags for the people there. Autonomous cooking crews are cooking around the clock to provide food, and individuals are helping by distributing aid stuff they can get of the hands of NGOs who have the supplies but do not dare to hand them out.
Refugees are separated by the police in ‘Iraqi – Syrian -Afghan’ and ‘other’, letting the first group through the border gate at totally unpredicting moments, like in the middle of the night, without communicating this to anyone. The others are left there and have no clue what will happen to them.
Here they are shouting ‘Open the border’ and never before has it sounded so very very true to us as at that moment.

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