Documentary screening // Benefit for Solidarity Collectives

This thursday 1 february 2024
at 20:00 at the Anarchist Library / Bollox
adres: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam

On the 24th of February it will be two years of full scale war in Ukraine. Every day from the 1st to the 24th of February content from different anti-autoritarian perspectives is shared to counteract the
russian narrative. This years info-action starts with a movie screening.

The movie is a documentary about 20 days of full scale war in Ukraine. A team of journalists faces challenges documenting the atrocities of the russian invasion while trapped in a besieged city. The film portrays their harrowing experiences capturing defining images of the war.

TW: War. Most of the scenes you already saw in the news but it is different to see the pictures moving.


Solidarity Collectives (former: Operation Solidarity) is an anti-authoritarian volunteer network that unites several individual and organizational grassroots initiatives united to help the Ukrainian resistance movement and people affected by the russian invasion.

You can support Solidarity Collectives directly here:

For the content of the other 23 days, follow:
instagram: alerta_stop_russian_propaganda

This event is organized by the Anarchist Group Amsterdam

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