Jan 25 | Documentary screening // Zine release // Benefit for imprisoned Indonesian anarchist Bima Satria Putra

Docu starts at 20:30, the door will be open from 19:00 like every other library night on Thursday. People are free to stay till late to discuss or just hang out.

Help imprisoned anarchist writer Bima continue his research.

Bima is an activist who served time for possession of marijuana and has been involved in various social movements, including student activism, homelessness advocacy, and prison reform. He has been on the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners list since 2022. In 2017, Bima founded his self-publishing house, Pustaka Catut, through which he translates works of notable authors into Indonesian and conducts research for his own books. Despite being imprisoned in 2021, he has managed to write, edit, and translate multiple books and articles under harsh prison conditions, including violence, corruption, and poor air quality. Bima publishes his books freely online and distributes copies to anarchist collectives and libraries across Indonesia.

For more info and to donate directly see: https://firefund.net/pustakacatut
You can also donate on the eveing and we will make sure he get’s it.


Docu: “Prison: a Short  Introduction” (2019, 20 min) by PJE Film.

In 2013, prisoners at Tanjung Gusta Prison in Medan rebelled. This is Indonesia’s worst over-capacity prison. Added with bad treatment and unbearable prison facilities, 212 prisoners managed to escape and 4 people died in the riots. But this is not the only prison riot that has occurred. The short documentary “Prison: a Short Introduction” (2019) by PJE Film reconstructs the in chronology order
the riot that took place. This film is the only one capable of exposing prisons in Indonesia close to the actual reality on the ground.

Zine release

Reconnecting histories and a path forward
Interview with Indonesian anarchist, writer and prisoner Bima Satria Putra on anarchism in Indonesia and the connected past with the Netherlands. This release is a collaboration with AGA Press and FvA.

You can read the full interview in Dutch here online: https://forumvooranarchisme.nl/post/interview-bima-satria-putra-2023

Location: Bollox // Anarchist Library Amsterdam
Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam | Door 19:00 | Start 20:30 | Jan. 25

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