Docu Izkor: Slaves of Memory

“Izkor” means “remember” in Hebrew. This film looks in depth at this imperative that is imposed on the children of Israel, and how it is a powerful tool for propaganda. For instance, during the month of April, feast days and celebrations take place one after another. School children of all ages prepare to pay tribute to their country’s past. The film shows how this collective memory becomes a terribly efficient tool to shape young minds.

The author of the film, Eyal Sivan, is an Israeli. By rediscovering the myths and symbols that have contributed to his own identity, as well as that of every Israeli, he is bringing into play his own personal experience. Through a meticulous observation of the educational system, from kindergarten to the army, we discover how history is transformed into memory and how it influences Israelis’ behavior and lifestyles.

The film asks the inevitable question: Can a people keep walking forward with the rest of the world, all the while repeating endlessly:”Our Future is past us”?

Today, millions of people educated by the Israeli state are now waging a genocide against Palestinian people, especially in Gaza. The UNRWA, one of the biggest organizationz to support and help Palestinian people on the ground, is now being underfunded. Benefits from the movie screening will go to help them provide medical aid and food in Gaza.

TIME: 20:00
Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, 1001RA, Amsterdam
Bring cash for donations
Date & Time:
Thursday, 11 April, 2024 – 20:00

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