Movie Screening | Infotalk: BELARUS 23.34

26 Oct | Bollox | Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16

19:00 – doors

19:30 – chat + intro form the director

20:00 – screening

20:15 – Q&A with the director

The film Belarus 23.34 is a story of Belarusians who faced repressions: a guy who was simply riding his bicycle near Minsk Hero City Obelisk and ended up in hell in Okrestina; a plumber who went out on Frunzenskaya station because the subway train did not go further, and a few minutes later he was already lying on the sidewalk with his heel torn off; a mother of seven children, who went to a prison truck, protecting her son and saw him being marked with red paint; a female doctor who was gassed in a prison truck, and then forced to duck and run along the corridors of the Zhodina prison…

30 brave people told us how they experienced detention and torture in August-December 2020, how they feel, and what, in their opinion, changed in Belarusian society (25 interviews were used in the film). The effect is enhanced by the black background against which these people tell their stories, and filming the places they tell about and using the footage of surveillance cameras illustrate and confirm their words.

The movie shows the way of the detainee on a protest action in Belarus: march and detention, a ride in a prison truck, registration at a police station, trial, prison, release and reflection on the experience. The timing of the film is 65 minutes.

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