In memory of anti-fascists Anastasia & Stanislav, Movie and Talk

Ten years ago, two Russian anti-fascists, journalist Anastasia Baburova and lawyer Stanislav Markelov, were murdered by neo-nazi group conducted by the government in broad daylight on 19th of January. Stanislav was not just a lawyer, who took political left-sided anti-fascist cases, he was also a public anti-fascism and human rights spokesperson well known to the whole country.

His voice and his actions against fascism were so powerful that the government found the only way to stop him – kill him. Anastasia was extremely brave journalist writing governmental exposures for an independent paper. Several journalists of this paper were already killed by governmental servants before her. She was a collateral damage of  Stanislav’s assassination, she chased the killer until he turned around and killed Anastasia.

Every year, Russian anarchists and anti-fascists gather to remember them. So we decided to honor the date by making a movie screening of a DIY picture about a wonderful anti-fascist person Ivan Khutorskoy who was killed the same year by the very same neo-nazi group that killed Stanislav and Anastasia. Ivan was core member of hardcore/punk anti-fascist scene in  Russia, he protected a lot of concerts from bonehead gangs, he was one of the first people who started to answer to nazi’s street violence. In addition to Ivan’s story, the film also provides a rare look into Moscow’s underground punk scene in the 2000’s and the conditions within which the Russian anti-fascist movement has been developing.

This film was shot as a part of a charitable solidarity campaign to support Ivan’s family with donations.

Please come on Saturday 19th January at 18:00 at Anarchist Library (Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14, Amsterdam) to celebrate the memory of those brave humans, who gave their lives for the anti-fascist struggle.
The picture is with English subtitles.

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