Anarchist history in Mexico – A talk

magonismoSaturday 15th of June
in the Anarchist Library
Adres: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam.
Starts at 15:00

A anarchist comrade from Mexico who is currently doing research at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, is so frendly to do a talk about the history of the anarchist movement in Mexico. His talk will start from the text below:

At the beginnings of 1907, in Los Ángeles City, California, in one of her countless reading tours about anarchism and literature, Emma Goldman met some Mexican revolutionaries. They, who edited a small newspaper in that city called Revolución, were very persuasive.

Days after the meeting, Goldman wrote an enthusiastic letter to Peter Kropotkin, in which she assured him there was a strong anarchist movement in México, where “almost all the intellectuals are anarchist”.
This was how started the relation between the called “magonistas” with the international anarchist movement. Four years later, when the Mexican revolution broke out, the members from “Junta Organizadora del Partido Liberal Mexicano” (Organizing meeting of the Mexican Liberal party), appealed to the solidarity of anarchist from all the world to impulse the Ideal in this area. The history of this solidarity shows us the greatness and limits of the first and maybe only chance in the history in which the workers of the world created an international network to canalize this solidarity with revolutionary causes of their time without the intervention of any state, party or church.

The talk will be in Inglish.
More info about Ricardo Flores Magón, Mexican Revolution and the Magonistas, check:

Saturday 15th of June in the Anarchist Library
Adres: Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16 Amsterdam
Starts at 15:00

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