Action at Urban Lodge Hotel

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Vandaag 24 maart, de tweede actie ivm uitbuiting van hotel werkster via het bedrijf IMS Groep. De lobby van het hotel werd korte tijd bezet door 15 mensen met pamfletten, spandoeken en megafoon. De klanten reageerden positief het management was minder positief en dat is nou net de bedoeling! Men moet gewoon betalen voor de gewerkte uren, dus hier met de poen !

Today, 24 of march, a second action against IMS Agency and Urban Lodge Hotel took place. Urban Lodge hotel charges more than 200 hundred euro per night but at the same time they are refusing to pay salary to the employers.

We went inside the hotel with a group of 15 people and spread flyers, stood in the hall with banners and talked to the guests about the situation. Manager and some staff at reception were defending their boss and the hotel. The manager said he was aware of workers not being paid and refused to take responsibility, blaming IMS Agency. After a while he decided to call the cops. Police didn’t show up and we could continue with picketing outside of the hotel for another 30 minutes.

Some guests were really supportive and said that they would not have stayed at this particular hotel if they had known that the workers have not been paid.

For everybody that is working or has been working for IMS group that want to share information with us or want to demand stolen wages from them, please contact us at:

This action was organized by the 
Anarchist Group Amsterdam – Vrije Bond.

Below the text of the pamflet that we distributed.


We want to inform you about the abusive praxis of URBAN LODGE HOTEL and IMS Group hotel agency in Amsterdam:

IMS Group is a company which provides employees for several big hotels (as URBAN LODGE HOTEL) in Amsterdam to work at kitchens, receptions and cleaning hotel rooms. The company has been active for several years in

Since a few months, IMS has not been paying some of their workers while
providing obviously made-up explanations to the affected workers about why they are not getting paid.

URBAN LODGE HOTEL is fully aware of the situation. In spite of knowing that their staff is not being paid, URBAN LODGE HOTEL continues to hire people via IMS Agency.

Our affected friend has worked for the last 5 months in URBAN LODGE HOTEL and hasn’t been paid for the last month of work. At this moment they owe her nearly 1.000 € since December 2018. After some attempts to get this situation resolved, they still haven’t paid her or made any progress over this situation. IMS Group thinks they can get away with this abusive behavior, but they won’t!

We are aware of the fact that this situation is not a single person problem. IMS and the hotels who cooperate with them undermine fundamental rights of employees in the Netherlands. We call on the employees to stand up and fight back together for their labor rights and their stolen wages.

The IMS group and the hotels it provides workers for are acting against the law while employing people in the low-wage labour market, counting on the exploitation of those who are unlikely to take legal measures against their employer.

This is our second action. As many actions as needed will follow until this struggle gets resolved, the hotels take responsibility in who they collaborate with and IMS Group pays every single penny they owe to their workers.

Anarchist Group Amsterdam – Vrije Bond

We did out first action o the 8th of March International Womens Day at the ofice of IMS group in Amsterdam, ar report you can find here:

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