Spaanse filmmaand Bis: An Anarchist’s Story, the life of Ethel MacDonald

op 19 maart organiseert de AGA: Spaanse Filmmaand Bis, Na het succes van de spaanse filmmaand in februari, vertonen we nog een film in het zelfde thema. Het is nog steeds koud en kil in maart dus kom weer gezellig naar de Bollox. 19:00 soep en tapas, 20:00 start film

De Film: An Anarchist’s Story, the life of Ethel MacDonald Mark Littlewood, UK, 2007, 77 min Taal: engels/spaans (spaanse is engels ondertiteld)

This drama-documentary tells the story of Ethel MacDonald. A forgotten legend, her story ranks alongside the courage of ‘La Pasionaria’ and the legendary ‘Odette’. Whilst both these women sustained world-wide recognition, the Scots heroine dwindled into obscurity and remains forgotten to this day. Ethel MacDonald’s own intimate recollections are presented through a definitive mix of documentary and drama, re-visiting the Killing Fields that were the Spanish Civil War. Supporting commentary spoken by David Hayman paired with expert interviews, including Noam Chomsky, provides background knowledge of 1930’s European Politics and a further insight into the young Scot’s motives, actions and social situation. The film links her own personal drama to specific archive footage of Barcelona in disarray – an image Ethel MacDonald came to know so well.

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