Een avond met anarchist en onderzoeker: Andrej Grubačić

Dinsdag 24 April

Aanvang 19:30 start 20:00 * Na afloop is er een drankje
In boekwinkel Fort van Sjakoo * Jodenbreestraat 24 Amsterdam
De presentatie zal in het Engels zijn.

Anarchist history from an Anarchist Perspective

This talk has has two aims: the first is to speak about histories and cultures of the anti-statist mutual aid movements of the 20th century. I challenge the standard line according to which anarchism was transported from Europe to other continents. Recent research reveals anarchism as a plural movement created by anarchists in many different countries. Anarchist emphasis on the world as their home, anti-statism, cooperation and mutual aid, brought together anarchists from Latin America, Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.

The second aim of the talk is to the historical relationships between anarchism and other theories on the left.

Deze avond word georganiseerd door de Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam
i.s.m. Fort van Sjakoo

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