Benefit for Anarchist Black Cross Moscow

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Thursday 5th of February
In the MKZ, Eerste Schinkelstraat 16 Amsterdam
food at 19:00 infonight at 20:00
Political prisoners in Russia.

We will talk not only about political prisoners but also about the whole system of punishment in contemporary Russia. The way people survive inside prison system and the way society perceives them. Who are the average inmates of a prison? Prisoner consciousness as a common place. All these and much more we will cover in the talk on 5th February.

The MKZ cooking crew will donate all the profits of this night to the ABC Moscow, also we provide a donation jar where all of you all can put in extra money. So if you want to eat before the info night and spend your cash on prisoner support phone: 020-6790712  Phone around 3 ‘o clock otherwise the reservation list is full and there is no food left to eat for you. :(

Website of the Anarchist Black Cross Moscow:

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