Acties tegen Groenflex in Nederland en Polen

Op vrijdag 13 maart waren er acties in Nederland en Polen, in Polen werd het kantoor van groenflex in Opole bezet door anarcho sindicalisten van de ZSP. Hieronder vind je een engelstalig verslag van de actie, heb je problemen met engels dan kan je het ook in het Duits lezen.

Over de achtergronden van deze acties moet je even hier kijken en lezen.

In Nederland werd er een bezoek gebracht bij het “hotel” waar de getroffen arbeider woonde toen hij in Nederland werkte, het hotel is van groenflex en huisvest een tiental mensen uit Polen die allen voor Groenflex werken. Er werd in het pools met de arbeiders gesproken en zei werden geinfromeerd over de zaak die nu speelt en ze wwrden ingelicht over hun rechten. Ze waren erg blij om mensen te spreken die meer over de nederlandse arbeids rechten wisten an zij. en mochten ze problemen krijgen bij Groenflex dan konden ze ons altijd bellen. Dus klootzakken van Groenflex, we zitten jullie op de hielen, vergeet dat niet.

Today (friday 13th of march) about 25-30 people took part in the occupation of the office of Groen Flex work agency in Opole, Poland. bezetingopole

The activists, demanded to talk to the boss and would not leave until he appeared. In the meanwhile, the office was closed for business. The boss man later showed up but only wanted to speak in private with one person. People refused and instead the whole discussion was filmed by TV crews. The guy was claiming all sort of contractatory things but also said that as soon as they get the hospital bill they will pay it. But at the same time he was saying it didn’t depend on him, but on the Eurocontract people in Holland since the Polish registered entity was not the employer, only the Dutch one. Eventually people left but promised that they would be back with a larger group of people if the demands were not met. On the same day, members of AGA (Anarchist Group of Amsterdam) visited the workers’ hotel where Groen Flex employees live, the shipyards where the accident took place and the office of Groen Flex. These actions were extremely helpful in getting contacts with some people, including a witness and another person who has a case against Groen Flex. AGA also helped in many ways prior to this action, including getting the labour inspectors on this case. (PS – The company didn’t tell the inspectors the truth, but surely the truth will come out.) Everybody thanks them for their help and solidarity. The action in Opole was organized by ZSP and IP Czestochowa. People from Anarchist Federation, some other IP and Fabryka in Opole also took part. Some photos of the action are here

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