In responds to the Suruç bombing.

images.duckduckgo.comThe anarchist group Amsterdam, want to send our condolences and sympathies to everyone affected by the savage and cruel act of violence that was the bomb attack on Suruç.

It would be nonsense to say here that the killing was senseless or to ask why these people were the target of this bomb attack, because we understand. The people that were killed or wounded by the blast are those that stood up and were ready to take action against everything the Islamic state, and ultimately every state, stands for.

The death of these people is felt strongly by us because we feel we share much of their frustration and anger at injustice and oppression. Their passion and commitment to bringing closer a world of equality and freedom is an inspiration to us but it makes their deaths and injuries all the more painful.

Library 22 august open until 20.00 o clock, come write to prisoners!

Friends and Comrades,

We would like to give you the opportunity of this beautiful summer day, 22th of august 2015, to enjoy the relaxed afternoon atmosphere at the Binnenpret with a coffee, a beer or even a (yes, vegan) cupcake…and a book of course. Therefore the library will be open till 20:00 today! There will be soup and bread from 17:00-ish.


The donations and part of the proceeds of the day will go to support the DAF in their efforts to help with the reconstruction of Kobane. This also in preparation for our upcoming benefit for Kobane on October 17.(t.b.a.)

There will also be opportunity to write to Said, he has recently been convicted to 4 months jail time for his involvement in the Den Haag Schilderswijk riots. Tomorrow there will also be a noise demo for him.

See you later!

Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam
postbus 16521, 1001 RA Amsterdam

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